Cannonball 2000 is today a pan-European driving experience. The name and brand is originally from Erwin George “Cannon Ball” Baker and his legendary coast-to-coast run in 1933 (New York-Los Angeles). It took hím 53.5 hours in a Graham-Paige model 57, a record that held for over 40 years .

This run was the origin of Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, or better known as the Cannonball Run. It was run 5 times in the 70s and which in turn inspired at least five movies and a TV series.

The addition in 2000, is actually the length of the race which therefore is 2,000 miles, that is 3218 km.

The Cannonball 2000 in 2012 collected a total of 50 cars, or rather super cars. The line-up was everything from Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini in all kind of models to more odd cars like Sahleen S7, Aston Martin, the 427 Cobra and more rare DeLorean.

This year will collect even more super cars along with our “odd bird” Cadillac CTS-V, which actually stands up extremely well in competition with the other cars.

2013′s event will take all “Cannonballers” on a 2,000 mile journey from London to Marbella. The Cannonballers will experience the hedonism of Amsterdam, the luxury of Geneva, the jet-set glamour of Cannes, the nightlife of Valencia and two nights in the ultra trendy haunt of the rich and famous Marbella.

The driving route takes the Cannonballers from the lowlands of the Netherlands and Belgium, through the iconic Route Napoleon onto the coastal roads of France and Spain with the shimmering Mediterranean Sea accompanying.them all the way to Marbella.

This year it also added an extra day in Marbella, which is fantastic for all the spectators and especially appreciated by our Swedish guests who will be on hand to experience the finish line. They will then have two beautiful days in Marbella with lots of cool cars, activities and party…